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Littourati News: Don't Trust the Search Widget

Hi visitors to Littourati!  For the convenience of visitors I have included a search bar to search Littourati.  However, I have recently noticed that sometimes the search provided by Squarespace doesn't always find things, even when they are there.

I noticed this because a visitor recently tried to search for the word "Indio," and returned 0 results.  I wrote a post quite a time back on Indio when I was mapping On  the Road.  There is a post called "Indio, California."  Indio is sprinkled throughout the body of the post, and it is also in the post's tags.

Yet the Squarespace-provided search widget returned 0 results.

If you are unsure whether the search results are real, you have two other options.  You can check the Archives, where things are broken out by month posted and by category.  You can also look at the "All Posts" link in the top banner section, where every post that I've written has been listed.  You can use your browser's "find" feature to quickly search the list of posts on a key word, like "Indio."

In the mean time, I've sent a message to Squarespace to let them know about the bug in their search widget.  I appreciate your visits, and hope that you find Littourati interesting and helpful!  Please feel free to contact me through this page, either in comments or through the e-mail feature!

Michael Hess

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